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New Scientific Machine Learning Class

TAMIDS has made an award under its Data Science Course Development Program to SciML Lab Director Dr. Ulisses Braga-Neto to develop a new for-credit class in Scientific Machine Learning:

This class, with stacked sections at the undergraduate and graduate levels, will be one of the first for-credit SciML courses in the country. The class is inherently multidisciplinary and its audience will be all STEM students on campus. It will cover elements of machine learning, scientific computation (including high-performance computing), neural network approximation of ODE and PDE solutions (including forward/inverse modeling and uncertainty quantification), and relevant applications to science and engineering problems. The class is planned to be offered as a 489/689 special topics class in the Spring 2022.

The class modules will be fully released to the public domain on a class website containing lecture notes, “skeleton code,” data sets, and videos, using a creative commons license. The class website will be integrated with the TAMIDS SciML Thematic Lab.

The class will offer an opportunity for students at the undergraduate and graduate level to improve their analytical and computational skills in the rapidly-developing field of scientific machine learning. The class will prepare the students to work in highly interdisciplinary research and development projects.